All our products are original hand crafted from beginning to end and has all the characteristics of handmade leather products.
Only the finest quality vegetable tanned leather has been selected in the making of our products. Vegetable tanned skins absorbs the traces of time yet its naturally aged beauty doesn't compromise the durability and charm. The leather we make use of is tanned from with natural tannins which are extracts from the bark of the chestnut and mimosa trees. It's a natural process, based on the slow passage of time and perfect processing by experienced craftsmen, tannins give the leather that wonderful aspect of uniqueness which makes every item an unique master piece.
We specialize in all size sandals customized to your feet shape and size. These sandals can also be resoled and restored by us at a fraction of the cost. All our belts are made from a solid cut of leather which we hand dye and any size belt can be made on request. All our belts and wallets are also hand crafted with cow hide.
Ultimately the proof is in the pudding. Set your eyes on our handmade leather products and you will be pleased. We are one of the few crafters left that work the old fashion way. Each product is as individual and unique as you are.
We make hand crafted sandles, belts, bags, wallets, boots, uggboots, school shoes and leather gifts.
Please contact us at any time for more information or to order our goods.
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