Ugg Boots V-Shape


Welcome to Moooshoes! We are a family business that is driven by creativity, passion and quality. Our Ugg Boots are handmade from high quality leathers. These boots will only get better with time as the leather softens and molds to your feet.

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Moooshoes is one of the pioneers in the leather goods industry, making high quality products with a focus on designs and handcraft. Just as our name suggests, we pride ourselves on the softness of our materials. We’re committed to giving you a product that will last for years – providing you with a long-term investment with every purchase.

Moooshoes makes handcrafted leather products. We love to create quality items that last, that’s why we use a thick skin, durable lining and strong stitches. Please note that leather is a natural product and it will stretch and the colour might not be the same as on the website.


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Ugg Boots V-Shape

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